blue blend with purple, worst penetration


blue blend with a little purple, poor penetration


white blend with blue obviously,poor penetration


white blend with blue,penetration decline,white blend with little blue


conversion suggest white blend little yellow


Xenon HID headlamps light is light yellow.


golden, best penetration.

Xenon Light technology is currently the most advanced development in the field of motor vehicle headlamp systems. Xenon has two decisive advantages over the light of conventional light-bulbs: a xenon light source delivers three times the light output of a HB4 bulb while consuming only 2/3 of the energy. The improved light output makes the road brighter and illuminates a wider area; the daylight-like quality of the xenon light is welcomed by the human eye.

Function: HID Xenon light Kit for car headlamp replacement 
Main Features: 
- 100% waterproof and 100% dust proof 
- Support anti-vibration function
- Ultra super brightness with 300% more light on road than Halogen bulb
- Support high voltage and non-load protection function
- Support short circuit protection, The ballast will turn off automatically when there is a short circuit
Working Life: More than 3000 hours 
Xenon Bulb: 
Output Power: 35W
Color Temperature: 6000K (other colors also available)
70% more light a low wattage than traditional lamp 
 5 times longer than Halogen bulb
Input Voltage Range: AC 9V-16V 

Package Includes:
 2 x HID bulbs
2 x HID Ballasts
2 x Fixing brackets
Manual Instruction

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Xenon set slim светла за автомобил 6000К

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